Sunday, October 5, 2008

Palin Manic on Meth?

Palin manic on meth? -- I finally figured out the bizarre buzz, the breakneck speed, & the glittering eyes. It's meth. Apparently Wasilla Alaska is the meth capital of the USofA.

This was my first reaction to the Biden/Palin Debate -- speed thrills before it kills. Sarah Louise does her go-go pills.

I watched the debate thinking What the heck is going on? Whence this uber-confidence, this inappropriate hyper-perkiness, this darting, pinballing lack of logic, the careening freight train of runaway energy? 'Winking' on the day after the economy lost a trillion dollars? The offensively feral feistiness. Weird cubed. Sursurreal.

An hour after the debate the light bulb went off. I remembered friends back-in-the-day forty years ago who did speed. I called one and asked, "How did it feel when you did speed?" He said, "Exactly what you saw in Sarah Palin tonight. You don't have a shred of doubt. You have a giddy, mega-exaggerated confidence in your expression and mental abilities. You feel brilliant, witty, and hyperhappy. In those days, you'd hitchhike with a truck driver who was on speed. The upside was that you'd be grateful he'd give you a ride for 500 miles. The downside was that he wouldn't stop talking for five hours."

To 'How do you feel doing speed,' another friend also a guy, younger, said, "You go into great detail. You have tremendous verbiage and excess energy. I felt like vacuuming. Every breath is a good breath, clear and sharp like eating horseradish. It makes perfect sense to me that Palin was on speed. She was all amped up. She exuded a manufactured confidence. Like if there were no two-minute limit, she would have just kept talking & talking. Because your mind is racing, you tend to overexplain, to blurt out whatever occurs to you -- like the snippy & flip "I'm not gonna answer what you people want' bit. Palin in the Debate is Classic Speed, a Case Study."
La Piranhas is an anagram of Sarah Palin.

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Saturday, August 30, 2008


When I listen to wonderfull Hillary & Bill talk about the stakes, as heartbroken and enraged at the DNC (those rotten caucuses) as I remain, I'm reminded why, for all the principled temptation, I cannot be a puma but am an HFO & a HAM --- Hillaryette for Obama & Hillaryette Against McCain.

I'm really for our essential causes for which Hillary is such a brilliant and passionate champion. McCain cannot advance those causes of fairness and justice with health care, education, and a Green Future supplying jobs. So, with all the tears in my eyes, here I am, an HFO & a HAM.


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Monday, July 21, 2008

Voters' Declaration of Rights .. action update

Voters' Declaration of Rights

[Realize that Caucus States do not allow Absentee Ballots!]

The DNC (Democratic National Committee) should and must stand for the Absolute Right of Every American to Vote.

No Absentee Ballot, No Democracy.

Our Fellow Citizens who are disabled, have difficult mobility, are shift workers, have child care issues, or any impediment whatever to poll or caucus voting must be provided uncomplicated access to a Vote-By-Mail Absentee Ballot.

The Conscience of Democracy cannot endure the silencing of any citizen’s voice. We are all made mute, wronged, indeed shamed if we stand aside and allow a fellow citizen’s vote, their only voice, to be robbed of them by our Party’s action or inaction.

Our Democratic Party is a lie, is stained until we insist on simple, unambiguous, absolute access to Vote-By-Mail Absentee Ballots in all elections.

Sample Testimonies of Voter Suppression Shame
Voters in Caucus States are forbidden Vote By Mail Absentee Ballots
Iowa 2008.. 87-yr-old Vera “I can’t caucus, honey, I’m a cripple. If I can’t get there in my body, I don’t count.” ..82-yr-old Lorna, “Oh no dear, I don’t dare caucus, I’m off-balance.” .. 82-yr-old Ruth bed-bound by lingering pneumonia, “Just because I’m sick doesn’t mean I can’t think!” (Every 8th phone call in a Caucus State got me a similar anguished response.)

Nevada 2008.. Mary whose sister lives in a tiny town in Nevada, “My sister called me yesterday and said, ‘Mary, I can’t caucus. If my boss found out that I'm a Democrat and for Hillary, I wouldn’t have a job on Monday.’” (Caucuses don’t allow a secret ballot.)

Texas 2008.. In Texas Hillary's voters were plus 4% in the Primary & minus 12% in the Caucus on the same day! Suppose we had only seen the Caucus Results -- as we did in all the other Caucus States? This is appalling evidence of the Caucus Skew & Voter Suppression. This isn't about any candidate -- it's about the voters who couldn't vote.//

Six Years of Permanent Vote-By-Mail in California
I have Voted-By-Mail for 20 years -- since 1988 when I worked on a non-partisan SF Giants ballpark campaign & was poll watching far from my own polling place. The 2002 advent of Permanent Vote-By-Mail clearly saves paper & postage & aggro. Anyone who has used Permanent Vote-By-Mail loves it. Only those who haven’t used it have any concerns about it. Once you have spread your voting materials out in the unhurried quiet of your own home and voted in deep peace and profound responsibility, you will never go back to finding a parking place and having impatient voters behind you in line.

For 10 years Oregon has essentially voted totally Vote By Mail.
actions: write letters to editor; email
DNC; email Howard Dean; email Senators & Congressfolk;
in Caucus States especially email State Senators & Legislators to demand Vote By Mail option for your state's citizens -- not just in the General Election, but at the time of caucuses!! Act now for 2012.

Write, call, email co-sponsors of HR 281, the Vote By Mail Absentee Ballots National Standards bill. Especially legislators from Iowa. I'd be grateful if you'd let me know when you get any positive or negative response for that matter. Knowledge will make our actions smarter.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

18 million = 4x Ireland

Hear us roar. Our 18 million is

4x all of Ireland;

more than all of Denmark, Finland, Norway combined;

more than all of Chile;

1.5 or 1 1/2 times all of Portugal;

1.5 or 1 1/2 times all of Greece;

almost Australia;

twice all of Sweden;

twice all of Switzerland;

from wiki:
Ireland [4.3m];
Denmark[5.4m], Finland[5.3m], Norway[4.7m];
Sweden [9m];
check out WomenCountPAC. Smart good people. Give 'em 5 bucks for some love. Or more if you're otherwise maxed.
image: mirella wognum flickr

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Fierce & Tender Speech

National Building Museum 06.07.08

A speech as fierce and tender and compelling as our Hillary always is.

If she is VP, I will absolutely support the Obama/Clinton ticket wholeheartedly.

She shines and whatever she does, she will be our champion.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

You Are Our Champion, Hillary

06.03.08 Tuesday

You are our champion, Hillary. You are our warrior. You are the hero for so many whose dispossessed sorrow or rage are transformed to courage at your example.

You should do VP. We need you. You and Senator Obama could do historic work together. Whatever you decide to do, you will hold the place in our time that Eleanor Roosevelt & Joan of Arc did in theirs. Never take a step on this beloved Earth, Hillary, without knowing that we love and honor you beyond words.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Only One Rule in a Democracy:

One Person, One Vote

Dear Speaker Pelosi --

I say a clip today of you declaring that the superdelegates should follow "the will of the people." The will of which people? The Will of (Only the Healthy) People?

Housebound, bedbound, and disabled people in Caucus States were forbidden the Absentee Ballot so their precious voices and their will do not show up in the so-called elected delegates, their voices disappeared by 16% of the result in each Caucus State. These people don't matter to us Democrats? I spent my whole life since JFK was shot down on my 19th birthday fighting for the rights of the voiceless.

Superdelegates should be asked to THINK what the will of the people really is and judge wisely. The pledged delegates are a horrible indicator of the will of the people. (About 2000 voters gets you a pledged delegate in Idaho & about it takes about 11,000 voters to get you a delegate in a primary state.) The will of the people? I'm ashamed that such an emminent person in a place to educate us & reform us could be so hypocritical.

Intervene? I pray that you intervene on behalf of the true voice of voters, not snarled & inconsistent & arbitrary Party "rules." There is only one rule in a democracy: one person, one vote.


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